Impact cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is worldwide the 4th most frequent and the 5th most lethal cancer among women. The incidence is especially high in developing countries.

Dr. Dirk Coeman invented a novel and superior method to treat cervical precancer: the Vacuum Assisted Loop Excisional Biopsy (Valéb). The device will enable a minimally invasive approach that will revolutionize cervical precancer treatment. The procedure will be safe and standardized, enabling its use by paramedic personnel in developing countries.

By radically improving cervical precancer treatment, the results of this project will aid in reducing cervical cancer incidence and conization-related premature births.

Every minute a woman is diagnosed with cervical cancer

Cervical cancer is diagnosed in women every two minutes. HPV causes cervical pre-cancer leading to cancer. There is no cure for HPV, only cervical pre-cancer can be cured. Cervical pre-cancer is extremely common in approximatively 8 / 1000 women at some point in their lives. It takes 10-15y for HPV to cause cervical cancer.

HPV vaccination will not alter current approach until 2060 (WHO)

HPV vaccination covers 3% of worldwide target group and in 13% of HIC. At best in 2060 the vaccine will start declining the incidence of cervical cancer. Scandinavian countries have the highest coverage rate and expect to see declining figures of cervical cancer in 10-15 years.

The current gold standard LEEP conization has significant side effects

There is considerable smoke formation, during cone biopsies. Smoke does contain HPV particles and cancerogenic toxins and so should be avoided. Bleeding can be considerable. As the removal of tissue is considerable, the follow up of cervical smears after cone biopsy is often unreliable.

Conizations are major cause of preterm birth

Long term side effect is preterm birth. Cochrane analysis estimates 10% of PTB are caused by excessive tissue removal by cone biopsy. Estimated 60% of cones are in women in their reproductive age. Add to this the emotional distress, anxiety and PTSS.

Conizations are performed by highly skilled gynecologic surgeons

The current cone biopsy procedure requires a highly skilled surgeon. It demands expertise and experience. Due to smoke formation vaginal wall and ureteral lacerations are known complications.

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